Alianza UCMX

The University of California (UC) has a long history of strong partnerships and innovative collaborative efforts with Mexico. In 2019, Alianza UCMX was formed through the integration of three preexisting UC systemwide programs: the UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), the UC-Mexico Initiative, and Casa de la Universidad de California en Mexico (Casa de California). UC Riverside serves as the host campus for Alianza UCMX.

Alianza UCMX fosters strategic alliances between the UC system and counterparts in Mexico – with universities, and with government, industry and communities on both sides of the border. We seek the development and diffusion of knowledge that addresses issues of mutual interest. We aim to educate and train the next generation of binational leaders. We want to be useful to decision-makers in both countries, translating our research, and expertise into improved public policies. We will serve as a model for binational collaboration – one that works in full and equal partnership between the University of California and Mexico.

  • Developing and sharing knowledge that addresses issues of mutual interest to Mexico and the United States.
  • Education and training of the next generation of binational leaders. 
  • Translating research and expertise into improved public policies for decision-makers in both countries.

About the Director

Stefano Bertozzi and his wife Dilys Walker in Cuernavaca
Stefano Bertozzi and his wife Dilys Walker in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Dr. Stefano M. Bertozzi is the interim director of Alianza UCMX the UC systemwide Mexico program. Dr. Bertozzi is dean emeritus and professor of health policy and management at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Previously, he directed the HIV and tuberculosis programs at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Bertozzi worked at the Mexican National Institute of Public Health as director of its Center for Evaluation Research and Surveys. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a PhD in health policy and management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his medical degree at UC San Diego, and trained in internal medicine at UC San Francisco. Dr. Bertozzi was the co-chair of the UC Mexico Initiative Health Group in 2015.