Creation of Alianza UCMX

In May 2019, UC Riverside was selected by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) to be the host campus for Alianza UCMX. UCOP signed an MOU with UCR in September 2019 and Dr. Stefano Bertozzi was appointed interim director by Chancellor Kim Wilcox.  

The University of California (UC) has a long history of strong partnerships and innovative collaborative efforts with Mexico. In 2019, Alianza UCMX was formed through the integration of three preexisting UC systemwide programs: the UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), the UC-Mexico Initiative, and Casa de la Universidad de California en Mexico (Casa de California). UC Riverside (UCR) serves as the host campus for Alianza UCMX.

Alianza UCMX fosters strategic alliances between the UC system and counterparts in Mexico – with universities primarily, but also with government, industry and community on both sides of the border. We seek to advance the development and diffusion of knowledge that addresses issues of mutual interest. We aim to educate and train the next generation of binational leaders. We want to be useful to decision-makers in both countries, translating UC and Mexican research and expertise into improved public policies. We will serve as a model for binational collaboration—one that works in full and equal partnership between the University of California and Mexico.


Established in 1980 as a Multicampus Research Unit, UC MEXUS has supported all areas of research and scholarship, funding outstanding people and projects regardless of discipline, campus, region or institution. The cost-shared programs with CONACYT support all areas but the arts.

Casa de la Universidad de California en México


Since 2003 Casa de California has been UC’s home in Mexico. The beautiful campus combines a late 19th century casona with a mid-century modernist expansion by prominent Mexican architect Francisco Artigas. 

La Casa de la Universidad de California exists to advance and strengthen the relationships of the University of California with Mexico along multiple dimensions. Casa de la Universidad de California en Mexico is dedicated to increasing the number of academic exchanges at all levels, from undergraduate and graduate students flowing in both directions, through faculty exchanges, to joint research projects; as well as the development, consolidation, and strengthening of academic research and outreach in Mexico. It provides a meeting place for the exchange of ideas from both sides of the border; and supports faculty and staff in expanding binational education and training. It also serves an important symbol of the importance of the relationship between California and Mexico.

A primary mechanism for achieving these aims is supporting activities and providing avenues for the various components of the UC to be able to bring their academic and technical knowledge to bear on real-world problems and to use this knowledge base to craft policy, as well as promoting the exchange of ideas, culture, and technology. It has also served, since its inauguration, as the host institution for the University's Education Abroad Program (EAP) in Mexico.

In October of 2019, Casa was designated as the host for the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development's Trade and Service Desk in Mexico.

UC-Mexico Initiative

Launched in January 2014 by UC President Napolitano to create a sustained, strategic and equal partnership between UC and academic institutions in Mexico to generate research to bear on addressing shared critical issues, developing innovations and educating our next generation of leaders.

For a snapshot of major UC-Mexico Initiative activities, please see this timeline.