Special Calls for Binational Collaborative Projects



UC MEXUS Supplemental COVID-19 Funding Opportunity (UC & MEXICO)

Alianza UCMX (alianzaucmx.ucr.edu) is proud to release the UC MEXUS (ucmexus.ucr.edu) supplemental funding opportunity for UC faculty undertaking research on COVID-19 who want to engage with Mexico. To be eligible, UC faculty must be a recipient of a coronavirus-related project award and be interested in expanding their academic engagement with faculty; graduate, professional, and undergraduate students; or researchers from a Mexican higher education institution.

The PI of an active (or confirmed but not yet active) award may request supplemental funding for engaging with colleagues in Mexico. Examples of the purpose of the supplemental funding may include:

  • To support data collection and analysis by the Mexico co-investigator
  • To provide student research assistance
  • To fund Mexican students and staff who would collaborate with the UC PI’s research project
  • To fund materials, supplies or field-work expenses for Mexican colleagues
  • To fund sharing of project results or procedures with binational partners
  • To fund collaboration meetings to develop research plans and procedures

ELIGIBILITY: Projects must be confirmed or active awards - Supplemental funds must specifically identify a co-investigator in Mexico as collaborator SUPPLEMENTAL

FUNDING AMOUNT: The total amount of funding requested must not exceed $5,000 per PI per six-month period. UC MEXUS plans to fund up to 20 supplements in FY 2021, depending on the availability of funds.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For questions on program scope and administrative questions, or for assistance in identifying Mexicobased collaborators, please contact Veronique Rorive, Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives at Veronique.rorive@ucr.edu or by phone at +1 (951) 202-7668. SUBMISSION OF SUPPLEMENTAL

FUNDS REQUESTS: Proposals must be submitted through the PI’s campus Office of Research (Contract and Grant or Sponsored Projects Office). Applications are to be submitted to ucmexus@ucr.edu.

Please view the full application details here



Special Call for Binational Collaborative Projects Addressing COVID-19

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) through the Scientific Research Coordination (CIC), the Liaison and Technology Transfer Coordination (CVTT) and the University of California (UC) through Alianza UCMX in collaboration with the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

Please view the full announcement for application details and timelines here.