Staff Directory

Alianza UCMX serves as the umbrella organization with centralized management, strategy, administration, communications, external relations, and fundraising for UC-Mexico programs. UC MEXUS is housed within Alianza and will continue to operate as a Multicampus Research Unit, responsive to the Academic Senate as per UC Policy. Casa de California will continue to operate as a Mexican NGO but under the oversight of Alianza UCMX and its governing board, comprised of UC Provost and Executive Vice President Michael Brown and UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox.

Veronica Barroso

Assistant Director, Casa de la Universidad de California en México |

Assistant Director of Casa de la Universidad de California in Mexico, responsible for overseeing the administration and development of activities as well as provide logistical support for special events.

Isabel Studer

Director |

Director responsible for the management and leadership of Alianza UCMX. 

Wendy DeBoer

Associate Director, UC MEXUS |

Associate Director of the UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), responsible for the oversight of the Institute's academic and research programs and provide support to the Director of Alianza UCMX in the planning, coordination, and evaluation of these binational programs.

Irene Dotson

Financial Assistant |

Financial Assistant provides financial and administrative support to Alianza UCMX on matters of budget, payroll, personnel, purchasing, travel, and event logistics.

Susana Hidalgo

Academic Programs Officer |
Academic Programs Officer at UC MEXUS responsible for administrating the UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship programs. Advises the programs’ doctoral fellows and postdoctoral scholars regarding all administrative and funding issues related to their fellowship. In addition,  the primary contact for CONACYT personnel and the 10 UC campuses regarding the fellowship programs and its current participants.

Luisa L. Levario

Chief Operational Officer & Chief of Staff |

COO/Chief of Staff provides oversight in the areas of strategic planning, budget, financial, space/facilities, human resources, policy/compliance, marketing and general operations.

Anna Medina

Grants Analyst |
Grants Analyst responsible for managing the administrative processes for the different grants offered through the UC MEXUS Research Programs. Point of contact for principal investigators and their department administrators.

Veronique Rorive

Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives |

Assistant Director of Alianza UCMX’s Strategic Initiatives, formerly known as the UC Mexico Initiative. She works with UC faculty, staff, and leadership at the 10 campuses and the national labs on facilitating their short- and long-term interests with regard to Mexico, while coordinating UC systemwide opportunities in research and mobility.

Veronica Sandoval

Academic Programs Coordinator |
Academic Programs Coordinator is responsible for serving as the first point of contact for Mexican fellows pursuing their doctoral degrees at the University of California.  Provides support to Mexican scholars throughout their UC stays, as well as direct assistance to the Associate Director and Academic Programs Officer of UC MEXUS.